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As a beginner, you may have some challenges in registering a domain name. This task becomes complicated because of a vast number of domain registrars available on the internet. Each of these registrars tries to attract you with cheap domain offers. Hence, it may become confusing for you to select the best company that will provide you better domain registration and hosting services.

Fortunately, you have some information about purchasing a domain name through Google. However, you do not know how to go about it. Worry no more. This article provides you with a step by step guide on buying a domain name through Google. Here they are:

Domain Name With Google

1. Log on to domain.google.com

The first step starts with selecting a domain name for your site. You can do this by logging in on Google’s subdomain dealing with domain registration which is domain.google.com. Then choose the domain name you are looking on to register.

2. Create a Gmail account for your site

Upon selecting a domain name for your site, you need to create a Gmail account that you will be using to login to access administration area of your website. However, if you will be the only user of your site, you can use your primary Gmail account. Nevertheless, it is essential to have a separate email for your website to avoid a mix up of your emails and those of the site.

Especially if your site is aimed for business purpose, it is recommendable to have a dedicated email for the website. Also, it becomes easier for you to manage the site as you can delegate the duty to another person in the organization.

3. Search for the domain availability

Now that you have a domain name and a Gmail account for your new site, you need to check on available domain extensions. Google Domain has tools for helping you to search for the domain availability. Also, you will be able to see the available domain names containing a variety of extensions. Here, you need to select the domain name with your preferable extension and proceed to the next step.

4. Add your domain name of choice on the shopping cart

After identifying and choosing your preferred domain name, you need to add it to the shopping cart. You do this by clicking the Cart icon. If you need to purchase several domains, you can select them and add them to your cart. It is important to note that your domain names will vary in their prices based on their demand and availability.

5. Add your information

Once you have added your domain name in the shopping cart, the next step in purchasing your domain name on Google is adding your information. To do this, click on your cart to open it. Then click on the ‘proceed to checkout’ icon. A dialog box pops-up asking you to fill in your information.

You should enter your accurate information as it is displayed to the public. As well, the information you enter here is stored in the website registry. You can keep your information private or public. To keep it private, you need to select ‘make my info private’ icon on the below dialog box.

6. Make payment

After filling in your information and ensuring it is correct, all you need now is to make payment. The Google domains are charged on a yearly basis meaning that you will have to pay for 12months. Select your preferred mode of payment. If you already have Google Wallet, you will be directed to it automatically. However, you can use other available models such as debit and credit cards.
And that is the whole process of registering your domain name on Google.

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