Best Place to Register a Domain Name

There are several places that a person can register a domain name, and most of the time people feel that they are all identical except for their price range. Domain name registrars are firms that are in charge of managing every domain name visible. The following are some of the trusted platforms to register a domain name.

  1. Hostwinds

Hostwinds is a user-friendly platform that is used for registrations of domains. It has all the options to create a domain name along with their prices to register, transfer or renew their extensions unlike the platforms that don’t easily show these options. It’s a simple process of picking a domain name, checking if it is available and getting your domain name with just a few clicks. Hostwinds also has technical support through email, live chat or phone.

  1. GoDaddy

This platform has significantly improved their services over the years. The platform provides domains according to certain keywords so that you may easily find a domain available. They have greatly developed their hosting services as well.

  1. SnapNames

Snapnames is a web name domain marketplace so it mainly deals with the domains that are currently being used by another individual. They provide daily and premium auctions, buy-it now listings for buying and selling domains, including more than 30 million domain names that are not completely overpriced. They have more than 3 million customers including quite a few small organizations as well.

  1. Sedo

Sedo is a global platform that buys sells and parks domain names. They are a huge, well-known company that has over 18 million domain names to sell. You usually will have to buy the domain name through a third party in whose account you will have to transfer the money. The third party will hold on to the money till the domain name has been transferred to their name.

  1. Flippa

Flippa is a platform that is a marketplace for domain names. This platform however has a domain names being sold for much lower rates, as compared to other platforms. The purchase can also be made through an existing website or flippa’s mobile app, making it easier to show your online presence.

  1. NameCheap

This platform provides domain names to businesses as well as individuals. They offer a user-friendly control panel to buy the domain names as well as certain things needed to build your website.

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