How to Find Where My hosting Website’s Domain is Registered

Acquiring a domain name can be a daunting task. First, you need to take quality time to think up the best domain name that suits your business, perform a domain search availability to determine whether it’s taken or it’s an expired domain, and then, register it. It may sound challenging, but there are tools that can help you. One reliable tool is Whois. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find where your domain name is registered using Whois. But note that domain names with two-letter combinations at the tail-end such as .co or .ig won’t work with this tool.

  • Login to the Whois control Panel

When you log into the control panel, you’ll find the Whois search box. Type out your domain name in the search box. For example

  • Choose your preferred domain name option and then click the submit button.

Your results will be displayed on the Whois Search Results Page that gives you the details of your domain name including where your domain name is registered, the registrant code, the nameserver code, and the IP address. This tool pretty much gives you every information about your domain name.

Other tools you could use to find where your domain name was registered include:

  • Cloudflare – Scavenges the internet to find where your hosting website’s domain name is registered

Cloudflare is a powerful tool to check your registrar and domain security. Simply enter your domain name, and it automatically performs a search and reveals when your domain name was registered. It’s also a platform where you can buy, register and secure domain name for your high-profile brand. Their motto is: ‘’ if you care about your brand, you should care about the security of your domain.’’ That’s pretty much what they do: They secure your domain name to keep hackers at bay.

  • Domain Name Search – Perfect for the top level and new generation domain names.

Although this platform is mainly focused on searching for domain names, it allows you to search information about your domain name registration. This site also helps you customized your domain name to prevent the possibility of someone else taking it up.

  • – Also allows you to check for expired domains is another site you can look up information about your domain name, including where and when it was registered. This tool also allows you to determine the domain name owner’s details. Some domain owners tend to hide their information, but you can get in touch with them by contacting the domain registrar first. You only need to enter your domain name in the search bar and click check.

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